Living in Kelowna

What the Okanagan has in store for you.

Rolling hills. Beautiful lakes. Gorgeous panoramic vistas. These are just a few of the many reasons why tourists travel to Kelowna year after year. From our award-winning wineries and vineyards to our peacefully untouched forests and grasslands, this valleyed city is a little slice of paradise that promises a unique blend of urban and rural life.

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Parks & Recreation

If there is one thing that Kelowna definitely is not lacking in (other than wineries) it is recreational areas. Scattered around our city, you will find an array of parks, sports fields, tennis courts, and golf courses. Beyond these, you will also find any number of trails for hiking, biking, and in some cases, even horseback riding. Kelowna is made for the outdoorsman; this is a city that is tailored to fit an active lifestyle, with beautiful sights to see wherever that lifestyle takes you.

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Award Winning City

In 2015, Kelowna was named among the Great Places in Canada by the Canadian Institute of Planners.

Historical Landmarks

Kelowna is home to over a dozen cultural and historical landmarks dating back to several centuries.

Okanagan Climate

Enjoy skiing and swimming all in the same day under the beautiful okanangan sky.

Great Culture

Experience great cultural influences from all around the world right here in Kelowna.

Kelowna’s Lifeblood


If you know anything about the Okanagan, you know that wine is very important in Kelowna. The tourism industry is huge here, and that is in no small part due to Kelowna’s many, many vineyards and wineries. Wine tours are not only a must for tourists, but also a favorite pastime of the city’s denizens. With so many wineries to choose from, the only problem you will have is deciding which one to go to first.

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Tastefully Diverse

Local Restaurants

With a largely varied array of restaurants, Kelowna manages to show the delicious diversity of the Okanagan Valley’s culture through food. Fancy an amazing meal, made from locally sourced produce? Try out Raudz, Kelowna’s most popular restaurant. Looking for a hand crafted specialty blend cup of coffee? The coffee houses of the Bean Scene have you covered. From grills, steakhouses and pubs, to Greek food, Mexican and Asian cuisine; Kelowna has a little slice of everything.

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Events in Kelowna

Ever the lively city, Kelowna is filled with a variety of events, from common sports games to more unique offerings. Come watch our treasured WHL team, the Rockets play at Prospera Place, or head downtown to the waterfront during the summer to take part in any of the many events that will pop up there.

Between Prospera Place, the Parkinson Recreational Center, the Habitat, and any of Kelowna’s many theatres and public gathering spaces, there is never a shortage of things to do in this city.Have you ever felt the desire to get behind the wheel of an Audi R8 or Aston Martin Vantage? Well look no further than Kelowna’s very own Exotic Car Tours, where you can rent from a selection of beautiful supercars and tour Kelowna at your own pace.

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